Take Advantage of Our Great Daily Specials

Save some dough at Magic’s Pizza Shack of Selah, WA

What’s tonight? It’s pizza night.

What’s tonight? It’s pizza night.

It doesn’t have to be Friday night to go out and experience something great. At Magic’s Pizza Shack, we offer a fantastic special on pizza pies every day of the week. Come to our restaurant in Selah and take advantage of our wonderful specials, like: Cheeseburgers ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

  • Monday: large pepperoni for $10.99
  • Tuesday: large Hawaiian twist for $15.50
  • Wednesday: large all-meat combo for $15.50
  • Thursday: large pepperoni black olive or large salami and mushroom for $13.99
  • Friday: large sausage for $10.99
  • Saturday: Canadian bacon pineapple for $13.99

If you want to save big on your next large pizza, come to Magic’s Pizza Shack. For over 40 years, we’ve delighted our customers with some of the best pies in Selah. And if you’re not in the mood for pizza, you can choose from any of our other wonderfully priced options. 

Bring your family out for a Wednesday night dinner. Grab a group of friends and split a pie on Saturday night. You’ll always have something great to choose from when you come to Magic’s Pizza Shack. Save some money on your next masterpiece – come to our pizza restaurant tonight.